Ethan Redgrave is 34 years old and resembles Ryan Gosling. He is an author and bisexual.

Ethan Redgrave was born to a farming family in South Carolina, the fourth child of an eventual group of six. He was raised as a strict Catholic, in accordance with the beliefs of his ancestors. Despite going to church every Sunday and bowing his head in prayer every night, Ethan did not adhere to the traditions of his faith and as he got older, he became quite a rebel. He rebelled against his parents and against authority for the attention; he lacked any kind of physical or mental intelligence that would have distinguished him from his siblings and peers. What Ethan did have in abundance however was emotional awareness and intelligence; he was very astute about what people were thinking, which allowed him to tap into their feelings and wants, making sure he got their attention as he did so.

Using his awareness of emotion, Ethan turned his focus onto literature. As a high school student, he shunned the sporting activities pressed on him by his father and instead opted for the arts. It didn’t help his position in the family but he enjoyed it too much to care, having decided to abandon attempting to gain attention from his parents. He excelled in English in his senior year, but was prevented from going to college due to financial constraints. Instead, he ended up working on his parent’s farm; Ethan was frustrated with this work, he found it menial and lacking a future. In order to keep himself sane during long days on the farm, Ethan began writing in a journal. He produced a series of short stories, which he showed to nobody.

Ethan’s life dramatically changed when he got his high school sweetheart pregnant. Needing a better source of income, he trained as a teacher and took a job teaching English at a community college. It seemed as if he were getting a life of his own when it turned out that the baby wasn’t his and his sweetheart had cheated on him. Devastated, Ethan fell apart but pulled himself back together by writing. His life experiences formed the basis of his first novel, Tragedy in the South, which remained drafted but unpublished for some time. One day, a publishing agent was invited to Ethan’s college by a colleague. Seeing an opportunity, he passed his work onto the agent but didn’t expect anything to come of it.

Two weeks later, Ethan got a call from the same agent, who had loved the novel draft he’d submitted. Within two months, after some more redrafts, Ethan became a published author. His novel had been picked up by a major publishing house and subsequently hit the New York Times bestseller list. Suddenly, Ethan found himself thrust into a different world of fame, which was difficult for him to adjust to. Eventually, he was able to adjust and now he has come to terms with his sudden rise.

Having published a second novel, An American Rise, Ethan decided to move to New York to work on his third novel, a contemporary study of the city that never sleeps. He has joined the site to gain insight into what average New Yorkers do, though also to find attachment once again, his heart still fractured after his sweetheart’s betrayal.

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Taylor Holmes is 21 years old and resembles Kathryn Prescott. She is a concierge and an aspiring author and demisexual.

Born and raised in a conservative town in Texas, Taylor had always felt a little out of place. Her mom was a housewife and her dad worked for an oil company and although she was close to both of them, she still felt like something was missing. She tried to be the perfect daughter but the idea of being stuck as nothing more than a housewife didn’t sit well with her. She wanted to travel and see the world. She didn’t want to just graduate high school, marry someone from her school and then pop out a few children. She saw how her mom felt stifled from time to time, lonely and desperate for something bigger and better, and she wasn’t going to let that happen to her. The fact that she felt like an outsider never shifted; it just got worse after she started high school as she was so different from everyone else. While the other girls were satisfied with their lives, she wanted more. She wanted to write and have books published but her originality was slowly stamped out of her as the other students tried to make her more like them.

She started dating one of the popular boys during her senior year of high school despite not having a relationship before. She was sick of the way people looked at her, like there was something wrong with her. She knew that the other girls at school thought she was wired a little wrong because she never expressed a romantic interest in anyone and by the time she got to her final year of high school, she just wanted to fit in. She felt like the only way she could do that was by saying yes to a date with Mathew. He had always wanted to date her and although she had no romantic feelings for him whatsoever, she finally said yes, assuming that romantic feelings would come in time.

Nothing changed though. She didn’t feel a connection to Mathew but she liked the fact that people weren’t looking at her like she was a freak. They had been dating for about a month when Mathew started pressuring her for sex and although she held out for a while, she caved on their three month anniversary despite not truly feeling attracted to him. The morning after, she felt horrible about herself and what she had done and ended their relationship. She withdrew into herself and ignored the rumours being spread about her. Instead, she focused on her school work and trying to figure out exactly who she was, even going so far as to see a therapist to find out why she was so different from everyone else.

She graduated at the top of her high school class but there was something she was even prouder of: the fact that she was more aware of why she was different. She may not have been completely comfortable putting a label on herself but identifying as Demisexual made her feel as if she wasn’t such a freak. She just needed a deep, emotional connection with someone before she was able to feel sexually attracted to them and the superficiality of high school hadn’t allowed her to do so. She chose to move away from Texas and her family and to New York because she had heard that the city accepted people of all sorts. She felt like blending into a big city would be so much better for her and it was. She chose not to go to college despite her excellent grades as her high school experience hadn’t exactly filled her with desire to continue her education. Instead she got a job as a concierge at a hotel in the city and they kindly gave her discounted rates on a room which she was easily able to afford with her decent wage and the trust fund she was entitled to access after turning 21. The job allowed her to work on her novel, her creativity slowly returning to her as she felt less stifled. She hoped that – in time – she would be able to find someone who she connected with enough to form a somewhat normal relationship. High school may have taken her virginity, her confidence and her self esteem but she was determined that it wouldn’t define the rest of her life.

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Samantha Gregory is 18 years old and resembles Kaya Scodelario. She is a cashier at a small record store and bisexual.

When Samantha was about five, her mother developed a drinking problem, when she lost her job. As years progressed, Samantha’s mother never got better and because of that, her father left them. He was tired of always having to leave work to take care of her mother, so one day, he packed up all his things and then left. She was nine at the time.

Fast forward four years, and Sam’s mother meets a man, who she eventually marries after two years of being together. When they were dating, he seemed perfect and like a wonderful man, but once they were married he changed. He would constantly pick fights with Sam’s mother, yell at her for no reason, and hit her. Sam was never around when this happened, and whenever she asked her mother about the bruises, she’d cover for her new husband. So in Sam’s mind, she still saw him as a decent guy. One night, her step father snuck into her room, and climbed into bed with her. He would whisper things in her ear like “I love you” or “You’re so beautiful”, before doing unmentionable things to her. As this went on for another year, it had caused Sam to believe that her step father did the things he did to her out of love. Once she’s seventeen, however, she comes to the realization that it wasn’t out of love and how wrong it was. It’s because of her step father, that she now tries not to let people get too close to her and shuts them out a lot of times. He’s the reason why she refuses to get too serious with anyone and prefers meaningless sex.

She finally told her mother about what would happen when she wasn’t around, but her mother refused to believe her. Sam knew that her mother wouldn’t try to believe her or even try to put a stop to her step father, she knew she had to make money fast and get out of there. So Samantha would deal drugs on some days, and sell her body for sex on others. She wasn’t proud of what she had to do. Eventually, a week or so after her eighteen birthday, she had enough money to leave Essex. She bought a one way plane ticket to New York and never looked back. She’s in New York to fix the damage that her step father has done and to get her life on track.

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Eleanor Hargreaves is 33 years old and resembles Lara Pulver. She is a lobbyist and bisexual.

Eleanor Hargreaves was born in Leamington Spa, in Warwickshire at the turn of the 1980’s. At that time in Britain, the nation was undergoing an economic revolution which her parents found themselves a part of. Becoming increasingly wealthy from owning and selling shares, her family later moved to London where Eleanor was given a privileged upbringing. While this was fortunate for her, she did lead a rather sheltered life and as she got older, Eleanor longed to explore the metropolitan melting pot of culture that the London of the eighties and nineties was.

In her teenage years, Eleanor went through a rebellious phase and it was during this time that she fell in with a group of free spirits who rejected society. It was to one of these people whom she lost her virginity to at the age of 15 and also during her time with them, she started taking drugs as well. Eventually, she drifted away from them and focused on her education, gaining excellent A-Level results which allowed her a place studying PPE at Oxford University. While at Oxford, Eleanor once again slipped into a life of casual sex and drug taking. After her second year, Eleanor spent a year in America at NYU as part of an exchange program. While there, she had a short relationship with Daniel Walden, an English student, which continued as a friend with benefits arrangement after their breakup.

Returning to study in England, Eleanor completed her final year before returning stateside to study for a Masters in Economics, Upon gaining this qualification as well, she began a series of internships at investment banks and other companies. She gained a lobbyist post with JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street. Using a combination of her intelligence, cunning, feminine wiles and ruthlessness, Eleanor survived culls of junior executives after the onset of the economic crisis, to the extent where she now holds a middle management position in the lobbying division of Goldman Sachs.

Eleanor has never been one for serious commitment, preferring casual, non-binding relationships. Some of her past flings have included a brief romance with a Senator and an affair with a high flying lawyer. One of her lovers was Alex Jackson, a music scout, whom Eleanor met in a bar one evening when she played the piano and sang, catching his attention. They had a short, sweet dalliance which ended on uncertain terms. Another brief fling occurred with Dr. Markus Bloom, a psychiatrist, which ended after a few months.

As Eleanor has never settled down for long and works unsociable hours mostly, she lacks the friendships and relationships that most people have. She has “faux” friends, ones who she connects with purely for work but her only source of close friendship is the night bartender at a small establishment she frequents, Zoe London, to whom Eleanor has often drunkenly spilled out her problems to.

 Now getting to the point where she should be settling down, Eleanor faces choices as to what path her life should take.  


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Rylee Layne St.James is 23 years old and resembles Candice Swanepoel. She is a model and identifies as bisexual.

Growing up in a large family, Rylee always had large expectations to live up to. With four older and very successful older sisters, the same was expected of her. The family had two doctors, a lawyer, and small business owner but Rylee wasn’t like them. She lacked the smarts to do as well in school as her sisters. Even with the copious amounts of studying and private tutors, Rylee’s grades just weren’t up to par. She passed high school and graduated with all her requirements, but she didn’t get accepted into any of the big named schools her parents had their hearts on for her. The disappointment that was evident in her parent’s faces was too much for Rylee to handle. All she wanted was to make them proud. That was when Rylee decided to leave home and head to the city that never sleeps.

Now two years later, Rylee has finally come to the city and settled into her New York life style. She attended a local community college for two years and earned her associates degree before heading to New York, which allowed her to work as a temp or typist in many office buildings. Working in an office is not Rylee’s real passion; it was simply what she had to do in order to survive and make ends meet. What Rylee wants more than anything is the chance to be a professional model. Growing up, they were the women that inspired Rylee. Their poise and elegance gave something for Rylee to aspire to be. Her good looks have gained her a few small breaks. She has been in a few print ads and recently walked in a show or two, but Rylee is looking for more. She wants to be on billboards, walk the runway and be featured in big name magazines. Lucky for her, a notable modeling agency recently picked Rylee up and she excited at the prospects to come. She lives in a very small one-bedroom apartment with her dogs Milo and Lola. It’s not the best living arrangement, but Rylee is just happy to have a home she can call her own, one that she worked for and she knows that if she gets her big break, her life could be luxurious.

Rylee is a sweet soul and sometimes has a hard time being in a city as tough as New York. It’s a lot different then the small Pennsylvania town she grew up in, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Generally a sweet person and an eternal optimist, Rylee makes a lot of friends and is very trusting, which can often time work against her since people take advantage of her kindness. There is nothing Rylee likes more than meeting new people. As a people person, new friends are one of the most exciting things she can come across. Her bubbly personality and kindness set her apart from others, but it can also appear fake to some. Her insecurities often times stem from her lack of brains and the pressure on her to be “perfect” in the modeling world. When it comes to romantic prospects, Rylee is someone who primarily goes with the flow. She has recently discovered her attraction to women and is excited to begin exploring it more. Rylee is romantic at heart, and can often be foolish in love, but her bad experiences never deter her. She is able to pick herself up and move on.

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Penelope Rae Hart is 21 years old and resembles Jessica Stroup. She is a cafe barista and a college student and bisexual leaning towards women.


Penelope Rae Hart was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. Growing up, she was an only child and lived with her mother, Elizabeth, and step-father, Ryan. Seeing as she was raised in a pretty nice area and came from a seemingly stable home, a lot of people assume that she had a great childhood. This, unfortunately, is not the truth. 

While she did have a few friends and a beautiful house to live in, some  other things about Penelope’s upbringing weren’t all that great. One thing, for example, is that her relationship with her mother has never been a great one. In fact, it has always been pretty damn shitty. Even as a kid, Penelope had known that Elizabeth didn’t want her, and neither did her biological father which is why she hasn’t ever met him. Her father leaving is something that Penelope’s mom has always blamed her for, and despite her best efforts, Penelope has never been able to change the woman’s view on the matter. Even when Elizabeth married her boss when Penelope was seven, the woman remained bitter, having long since given up on caring for her daughter. Although Penelope’s new step-father Ryan tried multiple times to win her over and even attempted to step in and parent her a bit throughout the years, Penelope didn’t make it very easy for him. She was so used to being treated poorly by her mother that she wasn’t able to trust the man, and instead pushed him away and treated him badly. Having a bad relationship with her mom and not forming one with Ryan caused Penelope to quickly become very self-reliant and stubborn, which led to her insisting that she didn’t need anyone but herself. After all, that was all she really had at the end of the day, right? 

So how did Penelope end up in New York? After graduating from Beverly Hills High School and getting accepted into Columbia University, Penelope was eager to get as far away from her mother as fast as she possibly could. Just a few weeks after graduation, she found herself on a plane heading across the country. Upon arriving in New York City, Penelope found herself an apartment, using a small potion of the money her oh-so-loving mother gave her (probably one of the only gifts Elizabeth had ever given her) and has been staying there since. Currently, Penelope is in her second year at Columbia, and has just recently switched from Business Management into Psychology. She is also working as a barista in a cafe not far from her apartment. Although she still has money left from her mother and could ask for more if she really needed it (Elizabeth is willing to give Penelope money if it’ll keep her from needing anything else from her), she doesn’t like to use it so she keeps a job so that she can support herself at least somewhat. At the moment, Penelope is happy enough with her life, but she’s still hoping that she can change her reserved ways and maybe meet someone that she’ll actually let in.


After years of being neglected by her mother, Penelope has become a very reserved person. She doesn’t trust anyone easily, and when it comes to friendships, she doesn’t have many true ones. Although the girl can be quite bubbly at times and is usually pretty kind (she doesn’t like to treat people poorly unless they deserve it), if you take a closer look you will see that she is never willing to let anyone get too close to her. She doesn’t give out many personal facts or stories and what she does share about herself doesn’t typically extend very far beyond her favorite color. Her constant habit of pushing people away when they try to break down her walls and get to know her usually results in her losing friends and ending up alone again. It’s not that Penelope doesn’t want to trust anyone or make close friends, but rather that she doesn’t know how. Not only that, but she’s also quite sensitive, even at times when there is no reason to be. She often takes things personally and is easily offended, meaning that her mood can change quickly if you say the wrong thing. Both of these things make it hard for Penelope to make good friends. However she is working on changing both of these things and in general, herself as a whole.

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Narise Hayfield is 29 years old and resembles Meghan Ory. She is a model and lesbian.

Born to a poor family in Belgium, Narise’s life growing up wasn’t exactly the most privileged. Being one of five children (not counting her oldest brother, considering he’d already moved out by then), her parents found it difficult to cater for them all. As the youngest, it’s automatically expected for her to be the most spoilt, right? Well, common misconception. Being the youngest meant she got everyone else’s left overs, and the least amount of attention. But surprisingly enough, she wasn’t fazed by this, not even in the least.

She’s the type of person who doesn’t take anything for granted; she just doesn’t see the point. You get what you get, and you can’t complain, because at least you’ve got something. As a young child she was always full of energy, constantly wanting to do something, and never bothering wasting time inside. She didn’t want to waste a second bored when she could be out doing something fun. When she first heard the news of her mother’s pregnancy, she was by far the most excited. Considering how old her parents were, she hadn’t expected them to have another child. Honestly, it hadn’t even crossed her mind, especially since they had had her so late.

The day little Jonas Hayfield came into the world she still considers one of the best days of all. But with the birth of one, came the death of another. Her mother had given birth nearly two months premature due to excessive drinking, and doctors say it was a miracle he hadn’t been born with defects, apart from an extremely weak immune system. Combined with her old age, Mrs Hayfield passed away three days later. The shock sent the entire family into a tail spin. Her father started drinking excessively, one of her brothers relapsed back into a drug addiction, and Narise fell into a deep depression.

She started getting into fights with male classmates, and closing herself off from the world. The once bubbly and happy girl had disappeared. Sadly enough, her father never noticed. Maybe it was because off all the drinking or maybe he just didn’t care, she had no clue. It was her brother, Trey, who noticed. Despite being the one who had to look after and pretty much raise the baby with no help, he noticed. So, he helped her. And it took a while before she was finally herself again, but eventually she was able to have fun. But yet another few years and tragedy struck once again.

Her father had been given the task of picking her up from Badminton practice, as Trey was busy taking JR to a check-up with the doctors. But as soon as she got into the car, she could smell the alcohol. It was disgusting, and she’d tried to get out, but he’d already jetted off. She asked him to stop the car, but he said there was nothing to worry about; and then got scary. He started talking about how much he missed her mother, and how he wanted to be with her again. And then he said they’d both be with her soon. By then, the 14 year old was frantically begging him to stop the car, and that he didn’t have to do this.

And then he started going even faster. Seconds later and he’d driven them off a bridge. They said he’d died on impact. But she knew they were lying. She remembered the seconds she was still conscious. Her father lay in an awkward position, his limbs tangled, and his head smashed against the wheel. He looked over at her briefly, a look of sadness in his eyes as he said he was sorry before she blanked out. She’d been told another car had stopped when they’d seen the accident, and had managed to fish her out and revive her, but they’d been unable to get to her father. She hadn’t reacted in the same way to his death as she had to her mothers. Instead, she decided she wasn’t going to waste any more time in her life. She was going to make the most of every second.

She saw moving to London as a fresh start for herself, and quite literally became the definition of YOLO. She would party, steal if she felt like it, drink and she stopped taking anyone’s shit. But she knew when not to take it too far. She had limits, and she kept to them. She grew immensely protective of her family, and if you messed with them? A word of advice? Run. Run for your life, because she will make it a living hell. She had her ways. As the years went by, she eventually decided not to apply for college, much to Trey’s disappointment, even though he accepted it was her choice.

Instead, she stayed and got a job, helping Trey and his new girlfriend raise JR, before moving back to Belgium when she was 22. She got a modelling job, where she met one of the photographers, a beautiful woman by the name of Abi. The two grew close, spending almost every waking hour together, and eventually they started dating. To be completely honest, Narise thought she’d finally found her match. And maybe she really had. After three years together, somehow the topic of children finally came up. They were both people who loved kids, but they didn’t know how they were going to go about it. Eventually, they decided on Abi getting a sperm donation.

And ten months later, after the process and then pregnancy, Abi gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. For two years they raised her, happier than ever. And then, with a foul sweep, it was all gone. Abi was shot dead in a diary robbery gone wrong. Narise’s world fell apart. It was like a piece of her had been ripped away without a care. But her heartbreak didn’t stop there. She was suddenly thrown into a custody battle for her daughter, against Abi’s parents. And not being biologically related to her, and not even having the title of adoptive mother, they won, and she was left with nothing. Not only had she lost the woman she’d been planning on proposing to, but she’d also lost her daughter, she’d raised for the first two years of her life.

She then moved back to London, unable to stand being there anymore. Trey helped her get back on her feet, after she quit her job, and started up with a new agency. After nearly two years with them, they gave her an offer to work with their New York branch, which she was quick to accept. Not only could she make a fresh start, but she could look out for her brother in light of recent news.


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Paige Cohan is 21 years old and resembles Ashley Benson. She is an intern at Atlantic Record and bisexual.

Paige is the third eldest out of the Cohan girls, directly in the middle of the five blonde sisters. She grew up in Southern California, her father a military man, and her mother a teacher. They were raised in a home where their father believed strongly in the values he tried to instill in his girls. He was strict with the house rules, and raised them to be the kind of women who are well mannered and behaved. Paige, however, had a habit of being a bit of a rebel, often the cause of her father’s headaches, she took more after her older sister Phoebe than anything. She would sneak out of the house to meet with guys, sneak back in during the early hours of the morning. On the weekends you would often find her drinking, living the party girl life style. She didn’t try to hide it so much from her parents, and she often found herself in explosive arguments, mostly with her father, because of it. 

When Paige was around ten years old, she met Anastasia, who would become her best friend. The girls were attached at the hip, Anastasia being the more sensible one, while Paige was the wild child. Throughout high school Paige would often call Anastasia in the middle of the night to help bail her out of whatever trouble she had found herself in. Despite her many absences from school, she had managed to graduate on time and with decent enough grades. Not entirely sure what she wanted to do with college, or the rest of her life, she took up a job working at a record store, and thus sparked the passion that would lead her to her dream. 

Paige had always loved music, just like any teenager, it had been her release, when things got hard for her she would throw on a record and forget the world. Break ups, fights, those times of self doubt, music had always helped her through. Not being very talented at singing or playing anything, she had decided that maybe she wanted to take a different route, and soon she started applying for internships at record labels across the country, aiming for New York, since she new that’s where her sister was, and the big city life appealed to her. After landing a spot at Atlantic Records, and Anastasia getting into a New York university, the girls packed up and headed to New York to start the next chapter in their lives.


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Arabella “Bella” King is 28 years old and resembles Karen Gillan. She is a flight attendant and bisexual.

Arabella ‘Bella’ King was born in Scotland, the youngest of three daughters. She and her two elder sisters were raised by straight laced, conservative and strict parents who still believed in an outdated system that Bella didn’t understand. While her older sisters – Melissa and Daisy – seemed to have no problem accepting what their parents told them, she had major issues with it. She didn’t get why her parents were massively homophobic or racist or why her mother was content with staying at home and running the household despite being highly intelligent and capable of achieving anything she put her mind too.

As soon as she turned 13, she met a group of friends at school who had the same opinions as her and she became more and more involved with said friends, spending less time with her family. She became less afraid to stand up for what she believed in and more willing to take a stand even if other people saw her as an opinionated bitch because of it. Her parents didn’t like the fact that she was trying to separate herself from them and their views but no matter how much they tried to rein her back in, she didn’t budge. Being herself was more important than pandering to people she didn’t understand, even if they were family.

When she was 17, she came out as bisexual and her strained relationship with her parents grew even worse. Her father would barely talk to her and her mother would often ask just where she had gone wrong and what she had done to deserve a child like Bella. She tried not to pay attention to it because her friends were a strong support system who respected and loved her no matter what her sexuality. Having Melissa and Daisy look at her with the same contempt and disgust that her parents did was the final straw for Bella. It made her realize once and for all that she didn’t belong with her family and as soon as she turned 18, she left home.

She went straight to London and got a job as a flight attendant as she wanted to see the world and not be limited to just one place. She moved in with someone she had never met before – Narise Hayfield – and the two of them got along well. Narise was a little more wild than Bella herself as Bella was often jetlagged or about to take off somewhere new so she couldn’t get too crazy. It was nice having someone to come home to though and Narise made London feel a lot more welcoming as she didn’t feel completely alone when she wasn’t working. She also met and befriended a travel agent by the name of Roman Conwy. They met at an industry event and she always made sure to check in with Roman whenever she was in London.

When she was 21, Narise moved back to Belgium and although she tried to keep in contact with her former roommate, they did drift apart quite a lot. She spent the next five years working as much as possible and could proudly say that she had seen a large percentage of the world. She often scheduled her flights a few days apart so that she would have a chance to explore and while other attendants balked at the idea of flights longer than eight hours, she jumped at the opportunity, wanting to see as much as possible. In fact, it got to the stage where she was only in London for a few days every month.

At the age of 26, she decided to pack up her bags and move to America. She settled in New York City as she had always been partially in love with it based on what she had heard from other people. She managed to get a job at a different airline and became fast friends with a pilot by the name of Thomas Middleton. The two were often on the same flights and would hang out in various airports whilst waiting for their next job to start. Although she’d never admit it, she developed a small crush on Thomas due to the large amount of time they spent together. It was one of the main reasons why she requested to only work the New York to Boston flights rather than jetting off all around the world, wanting to be closer to one of the few people she knew well.

Now 28 years old and still content working as a flight attendant, Bella is pretty carefree, sarcastic from time to time and something of a wildcard as she’s never been all that good at making up her mind. She’s a tad flighty and indecisive and quite lonely as she’s drifted away from most of the people she’s known well. She’s not in contact with her high school friends anymore, she hasn’t spoken to Narise in years and she and Roman hadn’t had a chance to catch up in quite a while. She’s hoping that this social network that Thomas talks about from time to time will help her to meet some new people in the city she now calls home.


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Rhiannon Grover is 20 years old and resembles Leigh-Anne Pinnock. She is a member of the girl group ‘Rhythmixx’ and straight.

If you’ve ever heard of the girl group, Rhythmixx, then you are most likely familiar with the name Rhiannon Grover. She’s the dark curly haired girl with the big voice and the catchy dance moves, that stands with the other three gorgeous girls on stage when they perform. 

Rhiannon grew up in the English town of Sheffield most of her life. She was seven when she moved to South Shields, with her mother and father. She was an only child, until the age of sixteen, when her parents adopted a younger boy, named Charles. Rhi’s mother had always wanted several children, but she came from a long line of women with health issues, herself being one of them. She was lucky to have given birth to Rhiannon, and often saw her as her miracle child. She was the apple of the woman’s eye, and because of that, Georgette, Rhi’s mother, went to the ends of the earth for the girl. 

Despite her health issues, Georgette was an extremely esteemed dancer. She performed in shows all over, and Rhiannon idolized her. She wanted to be just like her. Until her mother fell ill. Rhiannon was about ten when it happened. Her mother was pregnant with what would have been her little sister, but miscarried in the beginning of her second trimester. Little did they know, it was because the family health problems had caught up with her. Cancer had been a large factor in each of the members of the family on Georgette’s side. It went all the way back to her great grand mother, who died of Leukemia. Since Georgette had been so young, only in her thirties, when she miscarried, the doctor’s were forced to find out what could have caused this, and that was when they found out about her own forming cancer. Rhiannon was devastated, as she thought her mother would soon be leaving her, just as her grandfather had when he had found out the same news. Her cancer was terminal.

The cancer never brought Georgette down. She, instead, lived her life as though she didn’t know about it. She went on dancing and she continued to do the things she did everyday. She wasn’t going to mope about it, or count down the days she had left. She made every one count. She over used the phrase “I love you” and tried to do all the things she had always wanted to, before she ran out of time. Adopting Charlie was one of those things. She had always dreamed of making a large family, and with the fear of another miscarriage, she did not want to try again on her own. The adoption process was tedious and took several years, but it was worth it, when Georgette and Paul, Rhi’s father, met their son. 

Rhiannon took a quick liking to the seven year old boy, even if he was nearly ten years younger than her. The two were best friends. Rhiannon would never admit it, but adopting Charlie was the best thing her parents had ever decided to do. After the adoption of the young boy, Georgette filed an attempt to bring yet another into her family. The Grover’s were approved, but by that time Georgette was not around to meet the little child. She had passed away, when Rhi was 18, due to her cancerous tumor. Charlie was nine years old when Miles was brought into the Grover family, an obnoxious three year old with the same spunk and laughter that Georgette had carried with her during the entire span of her lifetime. 

After her mother’s passing, Rhiannon fell into a deep depression, in which caused her to miss several weeks of schooling, until her father received a notice about it. She was forced to continue on, knowing she wouldn’t graduate if she missed even one more day of school her senior year. Rhi pushed through, knowing that was what her mother would have wanted her to do, and received her diploma. She was lucky to have the help of her friends, such as Lumiere Watson and her many siblings. They made school much easier. 

After graduation, Rhiannon didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. Part of her wanted to curl up in a ball and never leave the house, and the other part wanted to become a singer. She chose the part her mother would have been proud to see. Deciding that she would do best with the help of a vocal coach, Rhiannon began taking vocal lessons and classes, her many years of piano classes in elementary and middle school paying off, as she had perfect pitch. 

As time went on, Rhiannon began performing at local karaoke joints and open mic nights, often setting up to sing at any place that would allow her. She wrote her own music, and performed it in many different places, as well as doing covers of well known songs. But, her singing career did not truly pick up until she found the group Rhythmixx. Lumiere was part of the girl group of three, and in no time at all, Rhiannon was singing with her childhood bestfriend and two lovely girls by the names of Andie and Sasha. The four cliqued almost instantly. 

The band grew large in what seemed like no time at all, after practicing and putting on shows everywhere. Signing a contract was the best decision the four made. Their faces were known nearly everywhere and all of the world, people were humming their catchy tunes. It seemed like nothing could get Rhiannon down at that point. 

Touring in America proved her wrong though. After the band had picked up, and got such recognition, they were to go on tour. Her father and younger brothers did not want to be so far from her all the time, and she did not want to leave them behind, so the entire Grover family moved to the states. New York, to be exact. Rhiannon was nineteen by the time her father had finally agreed to move there. But, it wasn’t until three months later that Rhiannon’s life made a change for the worse.

She had just bought her very own apartment in the city and had gotten the entire house set up. She had mastered driving in the city, as her father did not want her taking cabs due to her popularity. She had her best friends close to her and her family there, too. But, she also had cancer. She had gone for an average check-up, just as most people do yearly or ever six months. It had been a year since she had seen anybody and thought it best to do so. It was a thorough check-up, involving blood work and all that, just to make notice of any chances within her body and to make sure everything was okay. She was called to the office three weeks later with the news that she was fighting Leukemia, just as her mother was. The news hit her hard, and she wasn’t sure how to take it. But, she knew one thing for certain. She wasn’t going to tell anybody. She didn’t want to be treated differently, or have anybody take pity on her. She also didn’t want to bring anybody down. Instead, she decided that she would do whatever it took to hide the “secret”, even if it meant keeping it from her family and three best friends. She had to pretend everything was okay, for their sake.


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