Addressing the anons 

I’d like to address the anons some of the ex-members have been sending me. No, I was not clear about where this new change would be taking me, but I have every right to do with my original characters as I want to, as you all do, and I never said I would not be continuing to play them anywhere.

Nat and I felt disconnected to SITC and like our members either didn’t want to listen or did listen but resented us for changes, but things were out of our control and in the end we knew it’d be better to leave you all to it because you were doing just fine without us and we know you’ll continue to do fine.

Also I’d like to make it clear that Nat did not decide to make another roleplay with me, and she had nothing to do with it, nor did she know I would make another one until I did, she is just in it as a player, so please do not blame her.

We didn’t want to remain in an uncomfortable environment, and we shouldn’t have to, nor would we want to have to push for changes when you’re all perfectly happy without. So please, just enjoy your new roleplay instead of hating on mine.

We have not been spiteful to you, we have let you take many things from our roleplay without complaint, and would just like to move on from this, if you all would let us. We parted ways, please just go your own way.

- Jess

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There is never a right time to say goodbye 

Despite our attempts to make this a better place for us all, we are still not happy about the roleplay at all so we decided to close SITC. It is a drastic decision, but neither of us have any desire to be here and administrate it, sometimes, not even be here at all. It has been exhausting to think about it. The characters though are yours (most of them) so if you want to keep using the dashboard for your characters, go ahead. We would just ask for those who play canon to NOT take it and re-use it somewhere else at all. The roleplay made it through 10 months, so many ups and downs, so many people coming in and out of it, and we thank you all for the part you played in it and with you al the best, but now we say goodbye.

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Ethan Redgrave is 34 years old and resembles Ryan Gosling. He is an author and bisexual.

Ethan Redgrave was born to a farming family in South Carolina, the fourth child of an eventual group of six. He was raised as a strict Catholic, in accordance with the beliefs of his ancestors. Despite going to church every Sunday and bowing his head in prayer every night, Ethan did not adhere to the traditions of his faith and as he got older, he became quite a rebel. He rebelled against his parents and against authority for the attention; he lacked any kind of physical or mental intelligence that would have distinguished him from his siblings and peers. What Ethan did have in abundance however was emotional awareness and intelligence; he was very astute about what people were thinking, which allowed him to tap into their feelings and wants, making sure he got their attention as he did so.

Using his awareness of emotion, Ethan turned his focus onto literature. As a high school student, he shunned the sporting activities pressed on him by his father and instead opted for the arts. It didn’t help his position in the family but he enjoyed it too much to care, having decided to abandon attempting to gain attention from his parents. He excelled in English in his senior year, but was prevented from going to college due to financial constraints. Instead, he ended up working on his parent’s farm; Ethan was frustrated with this work, he found it menial and lacking a future. In order to keep himself sane during long days on the farm, Ethan began writing in a journal. He produced a series of short stories, which he showed to nobody.

Ethan’s life dramatically changed when he got his high school sweetheart pregnant. Needing a better source of income, he trained as a teacher and took a job teaching English at a community college. It seemed as if he were getting a life of his own when it turned out that the baby wasn’t his and his sweetheart had cheated on him. Devastated, Ethan fell apart but pulled himself back together by writing. His life experiences formed the basis of his first novel, Tragedy in the South, which remained drafted but unpublished for some time. One day, a publishing agent was invited to Ethan’s college by a colleague. Seeing an opportunity, he passed his work onto the agent but didn’t expect anything to come of it.

Two weeks later, Ethan got a call from the same agent, who had loved the novel draft he’d submitted. Within two months, after some more redrafts, Ethan became a published author. His novel had been picked up by a major publishing house and subsequently hit the New York Times bestseller list. Suddenly, Ethan found himself thrust into a different world of fame, which was difficult for him to adjust to. Eventually, he was able to adjust and now he has come to terms with his sudden rise.

Having published a second novel, An American Rise, Ethan decided to move to New York to work on his third novel, a contemporary study of the city that never sleeps. He has joined the site to gain insight into what average New Yorkers do, though also to find attachment once again, his heart still fractured after his sweetheart’s betrayal.

This character is TAKEN by Marcus in GMT. 

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